What is Constant Contact “Hitting the Road?”

We want to come to YOU to hear your feedback! Your feedback is invaluable and we want to meet you in person to hear it.

Two years ago we began a program where we invited customers to come and tell us what they think about our products and services. We hosted these feedback sessions at our offices in Waltham, and it didn’t take us long to realize how hard it was for many of our customers to get to us. That’s when we decided—Let’s get on the road and go to our customers! We want to make it easier for our customers to meet us and tell us what they think.
Since then we have traveled all over New England and are planning to branch out near our office in Colorado!
There are two main goals of this program:

Listening to you…

During the first part of the session we ask you to bring the top things you are having trouble with and would like to see improved. What features do you want to see that we don’t have? What parts of the product do you have the most trouble with? When we get back to the office we share that feedback with our Product and Engineering teams to help them understand what is going to make your experience better.

Supporting you…

After we hear your feedback we are available to answer any questions you have. We will invite all customers in the area to come in for 1 on 1 support with a variety of CTCT members from Support and other teams. We love helping you and love meeting you at the same time!

Where we’ve been…

4/26/16 – Newport, RI
7/21/16 – Portland, ME
11/16/16 – Holyoke, MA
2/8/17 – Albany, NY
2/23/17 – Manchester, NH
4/27/17 & 8/9/17 – Providence, RI
2/20/18 – Worcester, MA
5/17/18 – Hyannis, MA
9/11/18 – Fort Collins, CO
9/13/18 – Denver, CO
2/21/19 – New Haven, CT
7/21/19 – Brooklyn, NY
7/22/19 – White Plains, NY
9/10/19 – Loveland, CO
9/12/19 – Boulder, CO
2/27/20 – Worcester, MA